Jello shots installation
Festive installation for the opening of Design Kwartier

Design Kwartier was the annual Design Festival in The Hague. Their request to our food design collective Carte Blanche: can you come up with something tasty and creative for the opening of Designkwartier. A snack and drink for the guests. Coming up with and realizing a concept in two weeks is quite a challenge! But one that we like to take on. We become extra creative under time pressure. ;-)

Our principles: festive! In addition, it had to be visually appealing. After all, it is Design Kwartier. We were inspired by confetti. Round and colorful. This is how our snacks and drinks would be.The experimentation began. With flavor combinations and gelatin. With lamps and melting points.

We created two tables. One with round snacks strung on a stick. If the food was not round by itself, we would make it round. We presented these in the table as a tight arrangement. Fine classic flavor combinations with a twist. Melon/Ardenner ham, Chorizo/olive/cherry tomato, Grape/gorgonzola/walnut, Watermelon/mint/feta and mackerel rolls.

On the second table we served jello shots of different cocktails. Cosmopolitain, Ocean margarita, mango and rum, limoncello and of course two alcohol-free ones with elderflower and rosewater. Here too, the round and colorful theme came into its own. Especially because we had built light into the tables. This way the jellies glowed and it became a visual feast.

The tables were received with great enthusiasm by the guests and they were quickly empty. We were soon asked to redo this installation at the Eigen Huis en Interieur stand at the Designbeurs.
Carte Blanche was a collaboration of creatives, designers and food professionals and the initiative of spatial designer Wendy Rommers and me.
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